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superb figs

I've just seen your new French cuirassiers in winter clothing on plastic soldier review. wow! best figs I've ever seen.

Are you going to release more mini series?


Re: superb figs

If you thinh those were good wait until you see the Cuirassiers from the 084 Borodino set.
They must be done by the same Sculptor.
I have seen no postings, on this forum, by Strelets for some time; either they are sleeping ,on holiday, or hope upon hope they are working with the aforesaid Sculptor to create at least two mini series French Cuirassiers; e.g. Charging and Standing. I would buy 10 sets of each.

Re: Re: superb figs

Now that we have French heavies and Russian lights in winter dress, I'm hoping for the logical companion French Hussars in winter dress (also to be used as Chasseurs a Cheval) and Russian cuirassiers in winter dress (also to be used as Dragoons)!
ANd they really are gorgeous figures; two weeks ago I spent 300 euros on just the latest sets!