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Re: Re: Jacobites

I think it is possible to "fake" a Jacobite army from medieval figures, but you have to be selective, and it will require some "light" conversions (head swaps, converting mail to fabric, turning pants and leg armor into bare legs, changing shields). I made a few once from the Airfix Sherriff of Nottingham set. Differences in swords can probably be faked with paint. However you will probably only find a few figures per box that are good candidates for these conversions.

What is so bad about BuM's plastic?

Re: Re: Re: Jacobites

I converted Esci Muslim warriors, British grenadiers, Robin Hood and I think some Ancient Britons into a Jacobite army 20 years ago, but I'm talentless at this sort of thing. I'm sure someone more able could do a good job with the Esci figures.
Speaking of Jacobites, it's September: anyone got the GM ones yet??

Re: Re: Re: Re: Jacobites

The only 20mil Jacobites I own are metal and by Irregular of England. Have always wanted to expand the set - are there rumours of new 1/72 Jacobites then???

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Jacobites

Ger Man are meant to be producing them, pictures via BUM website if you go through the Spanish language entrar. Also, HAT are teasing us about the possibility- see forum for early Sept, I think.