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Medieval Levy 2

What a beautiful set!

I just received some of those figures and obviously, the scans don't do this set justice.

There are multiple ways to utilize the set. The unarmed soldiers fit well with Zvezda's Medieval siege sets.

Alternatively, you could use the figures as armed citizens of a besieged city, together with Pegasus' wooden houses and missionaries, Zvezda's cogg and castle, some figures from Italeri's Tournement set as wealthy tradesmen and of course with Strelets' spectacular Medieval Britain set.

Or you could just use them as cheap 'arrow-fodder' along any Strelets' Medieval set.

You can't really go wrong with this set and I was so happily surprised that I will definetely order more!

Re: Medieval Levy 2

A nice set, but I'm not quite happy with the marching soldiers "shouldering" their lances. The stretched out right arm has been provided with a hand turned outward in a completely unnatural manner. I think it's impossible to carry a lance that way, it would instantly slip off your shoulder. And that's exactly what happens to those Strelets soldiers. Their lances don't actually rest on but slip off their shoulders.

Re: Re: Medieval Levy 2

Of course, same applies to the guys holding their lances or pikes upright with both hands. Again stretched out right arm and twisted hand. Just try to hold a stick or shaft that way...