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british line infantry

Here's a link of the new Italeri british line inf. for those interested in them.

Re: british line infantry

I have seen Italeri's British and French pics but where are the Austrians? I have searched several toy soldier retailers for pics of the Austrians but they always seem to be missing.

I will most likely see Elvis before I see one Austrian!

Re: Re: british line infantry

According to PSR, Italeri are scheduled to release the Austrians (and British Light Cavalry) in October of this year. Maybe the Austrians will be camped beneath your Christmas tree

Re: Re: Re: british line infantry

If that is the case then I will welcome them with a pitcher of Marzen and have Gustav Mahler's "Austrian Peasant Dance" playing over the loudspeakers.


Italeri Austrians

I have seen the Italeri catalogue and from the box art work for the Austrians although labelled as 1800 to 1805 they are in fact in their pre 1798 uniforms with Fusiliers in Casquet. With this move by Italeri we will now need the manufacturers to supply us with French for the 1792 to 1800 period since to date the only figures available are the Italeri AWI French INfantry but unfortunaletly these are all flank companies with 2 crossbelts.

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1798 Austrians

Great News

For some reason, my alltime favorite Napoleonic uniform was the rather ordinary 1798 Austrian Infantry with the crested helmet. A close second would have to be that of the French Dragoons, mounted or dismounted.

Re: 1798 Austrians

It is one of my all-time favorites too. I don't think it is ordinary. You can choose virtually any facing color for them, (black looks especially good) and the white uniform was actually an off-white, making the cross-belts stand out. Those cool helmets were just too expensive to keep churning out.