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cuirassier in greatcoats

Just seen the PSR review- I was expecting a bias against this set (which I expected to hate and love!)
and it seems PSR is as keen as me!

a great review, and a cracking score! Keep up the gfreat work Strelets

Re: cuirassier in greatcoats

If they think the cuirassiers with cloaks was good wait till they see the 'Borodino' Cuirassiers.
I am glad and relieved that PSR gave such high marks for the 089 set.
It is rightly deserved.
Well Done Strelets.
Yours are easily the best Cuirassiers avaiable in 1/72nd plastic.
I think you have be holding back on the Crimean Turks so that your new sculpting standard can be dedicated to them.
Here's hoping

Re: Re: cuirassier in greatcoats

Here, here. Thi is an awesome set. The best nap cav set in my opinion. Love the French guard set as well. We need Strelets to make some British line.

Re: Re: Re: cuirassier in greatcoats

I have both the borodino set and the cuirassiers in greatcoat and they both look superb. Really the best sets of French cavalry made. I bought them together with the caesar Germans and Romans (both also great sets) but I was so happy with the cuirassiers that I only realised I bought the caesar sets after 4 days. This never happened before :-)