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10 current most favorite Strelets sets

i was thinking just what are the 10 most favorute Strelets sets in your collection? i ma telling your mine. NOTE THOSE ARE THE SETS THAT I DONT HAVE IN MY COLLECTION BUT YOULD LIKE TO HAVE SOME DAY.
1.071 - Medieval Britain
2.051 - Crimean War Russian General Staff and Hospital
3.056 - Boers
4.069 - Guard of Charles XII
5.003 - Polish Infantry and French Engineers
6.079 - WWII German Field Staff and Hospital
7. 068 - Crimean Allied Chiefs of Staff
8. 036 - Crimean War British Lancers
9.053 - Highlanders 1898-1902
10. and finally SOME Civillian sets

So you have seen my ultimate strelets wishlist. Thanks to my emploees i cant buy them mybe in the future But now tell yours... What is your 10 most wanted strelets sets

Re: 10 current most favorite Strelets sets

Hey Kert,
In a word all of the Napoleonic sets, especially the
latest releases...fantastic looking figures!!!
I just received the Borodino sets on August 1
(Thank-You Mr. Harfield!)I claim to be the first
person in Canada to have this set(Does any Canuck dare
to challenge my claim?)
I'm waiting for 2 boxes of the Cuirassiers in winter
dress from the U.S. Normally I would wait for these sets
to be available in Canada but lately, for some unknown
reason, not all of the sets are released here!!!
So far I haven't seen these sets here yet,locally
or at on-line shops. I also want to purchase the
Chasseurs-a pied, Russian Grenadiers and the Hussars.

Paul K.

Re: 10 current most favorite Strelets sets

In no particular order;

1: ACW Union Gen Staff Foot
2: Union Gen Staff Mtd
3: Confederate Gen Staff Mtd
4: WW1 German Uhlans
5: WW1 German Cuirassiers
6: Bengal Lancers
7: Artillery of Peter I
8: Artillery of Charles XII
9: Norman Shield wall
10: Saxon Shield wall

tough call as there were at least 12+ sets that could have made this list as well, but these sets are the ones i liked best & wanted the most!

Future sets wish list;

1: Highlanders 1898-1902
2: CW Turkish infantry
3: WW1 British Cavalry

True wish list:

1: ACW Union Iron Brigade
2: CW British/French/Turkish Artillery
3: WW1 Australian Light horse 1 Mtd, 1 Foot (with all due respect to HAT, their set is extremely limited & could really use a companion set or two!)
4: XI-XVIII Cent AD Turkish Infantry/Artillery
5: XI-XVIII Cent AD Polish Infantry/Artillery
6: Fr & Indian War French Irregulars/Scouts