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Re: French, Turks and Sardinians in the Crimean war

It would be great to see some of those units done in plastic. I suppose the Sardinians would also work for Italian Independence - perhaps Solferino - so 1 set covers multiple campaigns, which must make good business sense.

Re: Re: French, Turks and Sardinians in the Crimean war

Jon YES Its very exciting what other ranges these Crimean War figures cabn extend to in USE WITH some of the current dark theatres of 1/72.

Re: Re: Re: French, Turks and Sardinians in the Crimean war

Hi Jon,

oh yes, they would be very useful for 1859 as are the French line. French cavalry would be another excellent addition to both ranges.

The Waterloo Austrians are not really good so another set of Austrians as a "what if" scenario Austrians against Russians would be an idea. It was close to a fight there.


Re: Re: Re: Re: French, Turks and Sardinians in the Crimean war

Hey guys, will the Waterloo Berseglieri work for the Crimean War?


Hi Scott,as previously mentioned these figures would do ,HOWEVER the hats which are the main feature do not hold paint very well for me.They end up looking like london businessmens bowler hats.far too much cut back of plastic on the headwear.
I threw 4 boxes away.


Thanks, Hank. That's too bad that they didn't work out. I hope that Strelets completes this range. The Crimea has become one of my favorite subject areas.


Hi Hank,

I had no problem in painting them after I cleaned them in soap-water. What kind of colour do you use?

The hard plastic of Waterloo is not so easy to paint as that from other manufactors.



Hi Uwe, spray paint base coat would not adhere to the figures detail thick enough.Left it opaque and uneven.Hat brims are far too small(miniscule) in any case. I admit i got very impatient with them.

Re: Re e: 1815 BERSAGLIERI

ok, the hat brims are too small. This is often the problem with headgears in our scale.

I am still waiting for Lucky toys and their Italians, but these guys wearing the old Sardinian uniform of 1848.