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Re: Strelets Napoleonics look Great

Just got borodino and the winter currassier and hussars, grenadiers and chasseurs.

All I can say is they are all awesome- the winter currassiers I bought for completeness, but I'm completely bowled over by them- they are awesome. With some of these sets, Strelets seem to have upped their game. PSR are a bit down on them in certain respects, but they are alwasy a little prejudiced against certain sets so owhat the hell.

IMO they are awesome well done!

Re: Re: Strelets Napoleonics look Great

I think that the absence of officers, NCO's, musicians and other specialists is a big downer for this set, especially since you don't have compatible figures anywhere else. Is there a plan by Strelets to produce a Mini "Winter Specialists" set for the Russian and French infantry, or something similar?

Re: Re: Re: Strelets Napoleonics look Great

I aggree with Samogon, a command set or maybe later a special set "Winter warfare" would be a very good addition to the figures. Useful for 1812 and 1814, so maybe with some other allied armies in greatcoats?


Re: Re: Strelets Napoleonics look Great

I agree with you Adam. I just received my Borodino kit in the mail and the figures look great. Strelets figures used to look kind of chunky and dwarf-like next to their counterparts but the game has changed.

Nice work Strelets!

Re: Re: Strelets Napoleonics look Great

The figures are indeed incredible. I think that an extra set would be great.
It would be a normal set with 48 figures, so command figures alone will be difficult. But I think the "greatcoat theme" offers lots of possibilities.
You could add somefigures for the great retreat (lots of variety in dismounted men (from all arms and nations), poses, actions, and clothing) or special units like Bavarians or gendarmes,...
And if you would add a figure of Ney, in greatcoat carrying his rifle it would be very succesfull.

Re: Re: Re: Strelets Napoleonics look Great

Dear Pieter,

Such a set as you suggest is something I ask to be made for a long time at this forum.
A set with the full 48 figures with all parts of le Grand Armée and one for the russians ofcourse, in a motley looking uniform, add up by everything they found.
And a set of warmcloathed mounted Cossacks only armed with simple lances.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Strelets Napoleonics look Great

Dear Marc,

I also hope this set will be made for a while.
Perhaps it will be made. The rear of the chasseurs of the guard box mentions that the set is part of "a line devoted to the retreat of the great army from Russia".
So I think such a set would complement the existing sets.
I know strelets mentionned that they do not plan to make Napoleonics in the near future, but they also said that at the end of 2006 ;-) and these sets will sell well, so I think mr. Derbilov (the sculptor) will come up with some surprises.

Strelets Napoleonics look Great

I cannot wait for mine to arrive - I am really looking forward to the Cuirassiers and the Russian Dragoons, and really hope they are better than the Saxons and hussars which, while nice and very useable, are not "leading edge" in terms of what (say) Zvezda are delivering.

I too hope that Strelets continue to make great Nap sets, and a retreat box of individuals would be so cool. When I was young I believe "Tradition" did a set in 25/30mm, and they always looked good in Military Modelling.