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Re: Re: Re: Russians in great coats

I'm using the Russian Militia officer; from what I can gather he wears typical campaign uniform for Russian officers.
I also have a mounted French general from Kennington (metal) in cape, which I'm adding an extra bushy pume to; the cape is very similar to that worn by the Russian staff.
Incidentally, I've found that both the last pose in the PSR review and the 3rd in the first row are suitable as standard bearers; just cut away the musket, use a tiny drill through the hands and stick a flagpole through. I'm giving them an NCO coloured plume, and voilá!
It's just going to be a musically challenged unit.....

Re: Re: Re: Re: Russians in great coats

Oh, and I've also taken an officer from the Hat 1805 jäger set and wrapped him in glue-soaked tissue. It's an experiment, but so far it seems to be going quite well.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Russians in great coats

although i haven't recieved my order yet of the newer hat 1805 french infantry in greatcoats, would one of the extra officers be suitable to convert into a russian officer? you could try a headswap maybe, or would said officer just look too french for it?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Russians in great coats

Row 4 and 5 (on the PSR page), of the Strelets Russian and Prussian command set will help for some officers (though not in great coats), but I agree that what we could do with is an elites set with officers of varying lower ranks, musicians, NCO's, sandard bearers etc, mabe stick the marchers in there to make the numbers up-

(Yes it would be nice having a seperate full box of marchers, but how realistic is it that a compay will risk its capital on an entire box of marching figures?)

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Russians in great coats

I just got my 1805 French in greatcoats, and unfortunately the officer wouldn't work very well;'he just has a bandolier with his sword scabbard, and what appear to be rolled up trousers.
The Russian officers had a sash and their swords on a belt.
As for the musicians, they have epaulettes (which I suppose you could trim off) but then they still have the wrong webbing and a very non-french look.
In fact the only suitable figure I can think of is the drummer in the rather flawed Italeri Prussians set, and he's a big boy. Still, I guess a drummer had to be fairly sturdy to schlepp his drum along.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Russians in great coats

I am not sure, but Finescale factory made some Russians in greatcoat some years ago. Maybe there are officers in this range, I don't know.

The only Russian officer in greatcoat I have is a figure made by Frank Germershaus.

A set of marching figures in greatcoat sounds great!


Re: Russians in great coats

Just a thought, for an officer with Greatcoat how about the officer from the HAT Swedish Napoleonic set.

Would he be suitable enough as is or would a head swap be possible to give him the right look.

The real shame is that Strelets already have released their Command set but no real suitable greatcoat officer provided.

regards Mike McAuliffe