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Re: Use of baloons in crimean, acw & colonial period

hi hank,
don't know off hand of any "source book" think Blandford Books covered them in one of their aviation books
i have an article from an old Airfix magazine showing how to make a balloon wagon for ACW
have seen Napoleonic period balloon in Austrian Army Museum in Vienna this year, ask Uwe if he took photo
will check files and let you know, cheers, old john

secret weapon

Its a tough one as these were still being experimented with by early aviators was pretty much classed and regarded as a secret weapon by most countries with their advancement.The Germans took it to the maximum with Zepellins.(A great WW1 feature)

Thansk again you sure came tops with the Crimean Railway book , a great read thanks.

Re: secret weapon

hi hank
think this book might help
" Balloons and Airships" by Lennart Ege, edited by Kenneth Munson, published by Blandford Press Ltd in 1970's
haven't got the book my self so not sure what it contains or if it covers the periods we want but worth a try, unless someone out there knows better
cheers old john

Re: secret weapon

found a little more on that book
covers 1783-1973
ISBN 071370568X
hope that help's
cheers old john

thats just super, thankyou

ebay had 1 for $9 a steal for a deal.

Thansk again John --
Balloons and Airships, 1783-1973: Editor of the English 1 $8.99 USD