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Re: Re: 6eme French Cuirassiers stayed in Turkey

Thank you, thank you guys! As badly as we need the Turkish Infantry for the Crimean War, we also need the French Cavalry.

Hank, add the French Cavalry to your list with the Turkish Infantry, Artillery, and ...

Dave be advised, my prayer mat is wearing thin

and my worry beads are worn down.But i shall add them to my daily strelets chant.
Have fun .

Re: Dave be advised, my prayer mat is wearing thin

And I, too, shall give my beads a good klickity - klackity - rub and chant, chant, chant for our much needed sets.

The S*R Team has always found a way to achieve success for all of us, so it's up to us to have faith and give faith to their efforts.

Thank you, thank you, Hank and the S*R Team for our little corner of fun on the earth !!!

Uhh?, did I mention Turkish and French Crimean War Heros?

Happy Collecting Always!

Allah-shazaam , effendi

Dave i'm worried because what is needed if the CW Turkish Infantry are produced, is a "stealth(hush, Project Fireball- XL5) Mach 10 flying carpet" to get them distributed over here rapido, once boxed before they sell out.

I heard of an elite mercenary mujahadein called Ali Babba and the 40 suicide bombers, who may be interested in a proposition to help us out and expedite the figures faster than a Sheik's racing camel.

The figures would have to be placed in a fire proof bag of course.We fill the bags with CW Turks so they dont explode.heh heh Insh-allah, amigo (Think thats er Tex-oil language)