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Murat reference

Right- it is actually the unform of the retreat from moscow, in the blandford series, by Phillip Haythornthwaite. On plate 19 they show the strelets figures uniform, in green with silver lace with his typical feathered peakless czapka, and beige pants with a red stripe and his blue and red sash.

The accopanying text on page 19 goes on about various variants on this from tudor style ruff etc etc. But also mentions a similar uniform to page 19 in a description from Albrecht Adam in said campaign about Murats dress when he saw him:

"in a gold braided light blue jacket, gold laced red trousers and a 'strange hat lavishly decked with plumes'" He apparently thought he was some austentatious drum major!

Anyhoo, I just used this and his known usuals like mameluke sword, hat and sash and did what you see. I have two Murats from various sets so I needed some variety!


Re: Murat reference

Hi Adam,

if it only would be Haythornthwaite, I would say this is one of his typically mistakes. But as Albrecht Adam mentiones this too, it must have a reason. Maybe the green coloured out or it was one of Murat fancing colours like "Azul-blue" or something else which you can see as green and blue.

So with this source I think your figure is ok and researched Beside this the excellent paintjob of course!

I haven't taken your comment as racistic, it is just the ordinary point of few about the Neapolitan troops in the Napoleonic wars. But I don't think, that it is really right as memoires from Italian officers showing another picture of them. For example in Spain General Pepe wrote that his regiment was of a very good moral and high qualitiy after he reorganised them.