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Re: british


Re: british

The sculpting looks good, but I have a bad feeling about the size of the figures. The Brown Besses look small enough to be Baker rifles - so I'm guessing that the sculptor is the same guy who did the recent set of British Rifles. I'll stick to the old Revell and ACTA sets, and hope that the (someday) upcoming Emhar-Imex Peninsular set will be in 1/72nd scale, not 1/60.

Re: british

The sculpting does look good, but I'm not very fond of the poses they've chosen. The kneeling pose in particular is crap. Just try to stand/sit like that for a certain period of time.

Hät is making a British peninsular set and the unfinished masters looked promising. I've seen a picture of the Emhar peninsular set on the Najemo website but the poses look a bit woody. Luckily I still got a bunch of those Revell figures.

Re: british

That crouching chap is a copy of the Esci pose. Just be grateful there aren't any prone poses.

Re: Re: british

On the other hand the loading position is interesting. Beside this I share your few.


Re: Re: Re: british

They are a mix of heavy and light infantry.
That explains some of the odd poses.
I shall wait to see what scale they actually are before I buy.

Re: Re: Re: Re: british

Not quite heavy and light, but pre and post 1812.

There seem to be no pre-1812 officers, but 4 pre-1812 flanks company poses (bottom row) and 4 pre-1812 centre companyes (next row up)

The rest are all post 1812, flank companies/guards, a few with oil skin covers.

Still if they sort their scale out they might mix with other officers or head swap the officers

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: british

The pre 1812 shacko was different to the light infantry one. This one here is wrong.

HAT made the right one on the new masters.

I would like to see the knappsack, the usually fault with British infantry. Usually the Trotter type is shown, which was not used in the Napoleonic wars.

Here again HAT and I think Emhar too have the right one.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: british

I can't see the shako well enough on these well enough to tell their intent, doesn't seem to have the large shako plate though, So it could be they stuck light infantry shako's on line troops. The 3nd row from the top does seem to have no wings and tufts instead (like the 95th set had)- or is it just me?

and its a shame we can't see the knapsacks.

Its a shame that we get two kneeling firing poses, and that they are the centre company men too! Can't even use them as skirmishers! In fact all the skirmishers/grenadiers are advancing, they should have done them the other way round! Still, better owt than nowt

Italeri British

If they aren't giants, they aren't bad.
Yet, if I could stand three drums, officers, etc. in 3 sprues x 16 different poses, this "new way" of 3 sprues x 12 different poses looks like one more step back from old Italeri quality.

Re: Italeri British

The Trotter pack came out in 1805 and was used throughout the Napoleonic wars.

Re: Re: Italeri British

Hi Dave,

yes you are right, I made myself not clear. The 1805 version of the Trotter is not as long as the Revell figures and sadly the other manufactors show. Maybe Airfix made the best try.

The longer version came after the napoleonic wars.
Hamilton Smith made a very good plate with paintings of British knappsacks from different contemporary sources (Genty, Martinet, Smith, Jones). All are showing small, little round knappsacks, not the square ones we have with the existing plastic figures.

Take a look at this link for a description of the napoleonic knappsack.

It shows not the round edges very good, but the size is ok.

We are still speaking about the Trotter knapsack in the Crimean war, but take a look at this link:

Around the same size, but much mare robust and square.

Do you aggree with me?


Re: Re: Re: Italeri British

Hi Uwe, yes I agree, there appears to be various depictions of Trotter packs, it is hard to know which depiction is the most accurate.