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The best French Cuirassiers on the market...

My order wnet in at the start of the week, so I am looking forward to them arriving, and your news has cheered me up. I will look forward to the PSR comments but I tend to buy sets I like on spec anyway - I rely on PSR for the "unsure" sets.

I dislike the big box format, principally because I have the Saxons. The hussars are useful (cannot have enough IMO) but their is a limit to the number of Saxons I need.

But, if that is what Strelets need to do to survive then it is a small price to pay, and the guys in cloaks come separate so not all bad news.

Re: French Cuirassiers and Russian Dragoons

Murat, I'm glad to hear this. I'm looking forward to these sets and of course the grenadier and russian cold weather sets. Strelets sculpting brings so much life to their figures. Can't wait till they become available stateside.

Re: Re: French Cuirassiers and Russian Dragoons

hey £16.60 from hannant for 4 sets? you'd be paying £4.95 minimum anyway for the three you want, so view the saxons a freebie!

Just ordered mine, was resisting, your fault, I'll get the mrs to whinge at you when the visa bill comes!

Re: Re: Re: French Cuirassiers and Russian Dragoons

To Mssr. Murat & Others,

Thank you for the great recommendations and reviews of the two Cuirassiers sets and the other sets.

Now, for us U.S. customers, we only have to wait the obligatory three months for the "slow boat from China" to arrive here with the American's rations !!!

"It hurts so good!"

Re: Re: Re: Re: French Cuirassiers and Russian Dragoons

Sorry, Dave, you're wrong.
It isn't a "slow boat from China" but a "train from Minsk".
regards, donald

French Cuirassiers and Russian Dragoons etc.

Hello Dave and other U.S.A. resisidents.
Can't you order direct from Harfields or Hannants to get a quicker delivery?
I am sure you can have them delivered in less than a week.
Well you can from Hannants, it usually takes Harfields at least a week to send my orders and I live just 4hrs drive from them. However they are a small band and they are the cheapest at £15.95 for ST0084 and £4.95 for ST0089 even less for the 'Mini' range.
Happy shopping

Re: French Cuirassiers

Shouldn`t it be a "train from Kiew" though?

As for availability-differences on different continents, we had that topic already several times and I remember some quite harsh comments posted by some overseas-customers. It is the same for us here (well, Germany in my case) vice versa, for figures & model-kits from Pegasus, Caesar, Dragon, Trumpeter, Imex, ... I have to wait much longer until these appear at my local hobby-stores or (german) online-shops. Sometimes (when I NEED some products quite desperately ) I place an order at any of the many online-shops in Asia or North-America - and that`s pretty much it!
Allow me to make a wild guess, that this solution would work easy the other way round as well.
To be honest mostly I can wait the month or three that it takes for a Dragon Sherman or a Trumpeter Jagdpanther to reach the german/european market, only when it comes to Pegasus I get impatient & greedy somehow .

BTW, we "lucky + blessed" europeans will buy incredibly quantities of the Borodino set extremely fast, so there will be none left for our "discriminated" overseas hobby-comrades!
But hey brothers, I will sell you some at Ebay for an "reasonable" price!

Serious now: you guys use the WorldWideWeb to communicate with all the Hobby-enthusiasts ALL over the world! It can be used to order some "very much desired" items as well, if someone can`t wait for the "slow train" called "contribution"!

Greetings, this time especially to our friends in the USA who have the "new" Pegasus Mercedes truck-kit for already more than 6 months, while we poor & "ravenous" ones in good old Europe were blessed with that kit just as recently as 4 weeks ago!

Re: Re: French Cuirassiers

The train from Kiew is a rather slow one. But it always arrives at its destination and has never failed me. The long wait does not decrease my excitement to finally hold the sets in my hands, that's for sure.

Re: Re: Re: French Cuirassiers

Dear Everyone!

Yes, you guys are certainly right. A cross-continent train ride in spring/summer would be my dream come true. Especially to disembark and pick up a few boxes of the newest figurine sets, and see the famous sites in each country, and have a hot-plate of the local foods. When I retire, that will be my gift to myself, to cross Europe by train. Regarding boats, I actually get violently sea-sick.

When I lived in Japan for those years, I did use Harfields and Hannants both, as well as purchases on eBay from sellers in Germany, Italy, the U.K., France, and of course our friends in the Ukraine, Taiwan, and other places I have forgotten about, places with wonderful people willing to help out. And those in Spain sure have passion for the hobby. I didn't always win on eBay!

My hobby, and my life, are much richer because of these overseas contacts. At home, I find enthusiasm, but overseas I see passion.

It's a real challenge to see if I can survive the wait for the new stuff. It's the Scottish my Mum instilled in me that echos, "Learn to be patient."

Cheers Friends