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Oh no, Uwe! Now you gone and done it! More suggestions only means Hank is going to have to wait until another turn to see if his Turks will show up in the production line.

Really, there is a very good Las Vegas Nights chance that the Turk Army will be included in this set. But then, I would really miss Hank's humourous sniveling -

I'm excited about this. After all, it was the Marx HO Charge of the Light Brigade in painted hard plastic that really got me interested in the British Scarlet Red with White uniforms, the Crimea, Roarkes Drift, Islandwana, Khartoum etc.

I really hope they are all new sets, with really great art work on the box, and then I'll re-experience that first "Wow!" when opening a really cool full battle set.

But, if there are no Turks for Hank, then it's "God save the Queen", and the Strelets*R guys!

Happy Collecting!


I did it just because I like it to see Hank asking for the Turks

Ok, let's say Turkish artillery with horseteams


you guys are killing me !!!

Its a good job i was born a pessamist. I dont know what i will moan about if the turks are produced (chuckle).

Re: you guys are killing me !!!

Well Hank, I think Uwe just helped you out. If you see the Turkish Infantry in the new Balaclava set, you could then say, "Here's the Turkish Infantry, now where are the Turkish Artillery ... and then ... Where are the Turkish Cavalry?" So it looks like you have 2 cards to keep in your back pocket for at least the next 12 months or so.

Cheers Mates!

Re: Re: you guys are killing me !!!

And after this we will ask for the Polish legion in Turkish pay and the Greek bataillons on the Russian side


Re: Re: Re: you guys are killing me !!!

Ah!, Legionairres, mercenaries, adventurers, romantacists and thrill-seekers. I don't quite know how you box-em-all-up, or in some cases uniform them, but some surprise sets of these sure sound exciting!


Dave, i think they were more like the spillage of over populated europe's briggands,cut throats jail evaders, debt
dodging, Unemployed weavers(industrial revolution).Disease ridden drunkards(daily grog rations) and thats just the officers let alone the enlisted men..

Re: adventurers

Sounds like Bashi Bousocks to me


Re: Re: adventurers

Why thank you, Hank. I think I resemble that remark!

Have a great weekend guys.