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Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Vikings

I think I'm gonna play Stamford bridge as well once I get Zvezda's vikings. It's just too tempting.

I'm sure glad the color matches Strelets' latest Viking set. The poses of the 2 sets are complimentary to each other. I hope the size of the figures will be similar as well.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Vikings

Carlos is right about the standard.
I forgot to say I will scratch-build the Standard with one of those very good Vikings from ROFUR FLAGS. Those ROFUR FLAGS are great indeed and very helpful:
And there is a special one about Dark Ages
Nr. 1/72-154: 11./12. Jhdt. Normannenkriege / Hastings 1066.
This includes Harald HARDRADA Viking standard and the Dragon of Wessex for the 1066 battle of Hastings.
Best regards

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Vikings

Rofur flags has great products, and their conversions for standard bearers are inspiring.
For Hardrada's banner, though, you may want to go with something more like this-

If the Zvezda standard is engraved, a little knife work, and a photocopy of this image should work well.

I'm looking forward to this set for the many poses that are without chainmail (oops! left them with the ships). The javelin thrower and archers are also a plus. It looks like Stamford Bridge is becoming a possibility with Vikings from Strelets, Imex-Emhar, and now Zvezda.

Re: Vikings

These new Zvedza figures, along with the Emhar set (still one of my favorite sets), the forthcoming Emhar crew and longship will form a great viking warband.

Re: Vikings


this time miniart.

Re: Vikings

Where is the time I used my Airfix Ancient Britons as Vikings because no other figures could do the job...

Re: Re: Vikings

I used Airfix Roman archers as Goths, I admit it. Now I feel better.

Re: Re: Vikings

What exactly are "Housits"?

Re: Re: Re: Vikings

Housits are Religious Fanatics from Bohemia!
Look Wikipedia...!
They fights against the German King Sigismund in the Hussite Wars 1419-1436!
The Bohemians use War Wagons at first, includes in the Set of MiniArt...