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Austrians on the March

Exciting news from Italeri.

More Napoleonic Austrian Infantry (1800-05) to arrive in October along with French Infantry and British Infantry. That is according to the latest newsletter received from The Toy Soldier Company.

Amongst all the Napoleonic armies, the early Austrian Infantry units were always my favorite.


ITA6086 Berlin Apartment House
ITA6089 Berlin Apartment House Single Floor Add-on
ITA6092 French Infantry 1798-1805
ITA6093 Austrian Infantry 1800-05
ITA6094 British Light Cavalry 1815
ITA6095 British Infantry 1815

Re: Austrians on the March

Has any of our well informed Italian Friend from STRELETS Forum some good Austrian pics to provide us with?



Re: Re: Austrians on the March

The French are in the shops now - I got mine from Modelzone in London

Re: Austrians on the March

French and British are available at