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Re: Vikings

These new Zvedza figures, along with the Emhar set (still one of my favorite sets), the forthcoming Emhar crew and longship will form a great viking warband.

Re: Vikings


this time miniart.

Re: Vikings

Where is the time I used my Airfix Ancient Britons as Vikings because no other figures could do the job...

Re: Re: Vikings

I used Airfix Roman archers as Goths, I admit it. Now I feel better.

Re: Re: Vikings

What exactly are "Housits"?

Re: Re: Re: Vikings

Housits are Religious Fanatics from Bohemia!
Look Wikipedia...!
They fights against the German King Sigismund in the Hussite Wars 1419-1436!
The Bohemians use War Wagons at first, includes in the Set of MiniArt...