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Re: Re: Re: Norman and Breton knights

Great to see the Normans and Bretons arriving so promptly - Strelets really seem to be able to get a wiggle on and deliver (I know some people have been wating a long time for some Crimean and GNW sets). Normans look good and Bretons seem quite Caroliginian ish - however, I can't make out what the 5th Norman from the left in the first row is carrying, looks like some sort of pennant. Can someone else or Strelets enlighten me? Nice to see a good number of Normans with spear, looks like a lot of fleeing fyrd are going to get skewered this Summer!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Norman and Breton knights

Yes indeed the Normans and Bretons look GREAT!!
Thank you STRELETS!!
To further Graham lines. William the Conqueror when he was leading a campaign against them wrote about the Bretons: They look old fashioned in their dresses as well as in their gears, rather backward.
Please don’t repeat my words to my best friend, he is French coming from Britanny
Could you please STRELETS provide us with some web adress showing how to paint those beautiful Bretons?
I agree too when it is written you have now to provide us with some Breton’s Infantry
Best regards