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Delivering and recieving blows

I would like to see a specific "desperate close close combat" set, where all poses would bee two oposing fighters, eg, a swordsman delivering a blow with a sword against his opponent who recieves it in his head, his head and upper body being pushed backwards. A swordsmanblocking(with the flat side of his sword, not the edge) a swordsblow from an opponent, two soldiers wrestling on the ground,a knight holding another knight strangulation/neckbracking style from the behind with his left arm trying to stab trough the neck with his right. Some dead/wounded poses(better that strelets Agincourt, more like pegasus omhaha beach style)etc.

Re: Which Medieval sets do we need the most?

A very interesting thread. I'd like to add my own twopenneth. I'd like to see:
1. Byzantines and their enemies for the Wars of Justinian and Belisarius. Some of the 'enemies' are available already, but what about some Sassanids ?
2. Byzantines and their enemies for the wars of Heraclius, Sassanids as above, but also some Arab Conquest figures, Avars and Slavs.
3 Byzantines and their enemies of the 9th-10th centuries, particularly Russ, Bulgars and Slavs.

Would it be possible to set up a Poll on the site to register people's oppinions ? Now, there's a thought; Poles and Prussians...