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How about some French Engineers

How about making some French Engineers, only this time in Crested Helmets. The only company that has made these is Reamsa of Spain and that was in 132nd scale.

They also made some decent Imperial Guards.

Correction on French Engineers

Thank goodness I corrected myself before anyone else noticed. The French Engineers mentioned above were made by Dulcop

Re: Correction on French Engineers

I was under the impression that the only ones wearing the crested helmet were in fact the Imperial Guard engineers, and there were only a few hundred of them.
I've converted them from the Esci guard with Italeri Carabineer heads.

Hinton Hunt

Patrick, I've just sent a picture of my Hinton Hunt (metal 20mm) Genie d'Garde Imperiale to Strelets.
They are working with the plastic Strelets' French engineers.
I hope they post it.

Re: Hinton Hunt

Thank you Donald, can't wait to see them