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Images on the Current Release page

I have just been looking at some of the images of painted figures on the "current release" page, and I find them hard to make out as they are so small. The figures appear to be very well painted, but it's hard to see any detail. It seems a shame that some fine work cannot be properly appreciated. Maybe it's just that my eyes are 56 years old and don't work as well as they did twenty years ago, but there must be other oldies in the forum. Could you make the photos bigger - maybe make the images on the current release page a thumbnail linked to a larger image?

Re: Images on the Current Release page

definately, youve gone to the trouble of having them painted- lets see them!

Re: Re: Images on the Current Release page

Yes, I'm afraid I have to wear "Coke Bottle Lense Glasses" to see them, and still the computer's images are ever-so-slightly grainy at any setting/magnification ... :-)

Still, durn fine paint job !!!