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Re: Which Medieval sets do we need the most?

livonian and estonian pesants figthing germans danes and swedes in 1190-1245 wars in Baltic region

Re: Re: Which Medieval sets do we need the most?

We need Byzantians, Early German Knights (Campaign of Otto the Second against the Sarazens), Hungarians, the whole bunch of the italian struggle (papal troops, sicilian normans, Staufer Knights and Saracens).

Re: Which Medieval sets do we need the most?

Medieval Civilians-This set could include many much needed figures, including peasants and merchants(blacksmiths and other tradesmen would also be great), as well as unarmoured nobles, including heralds and squires. Some of these could also be used to form a medieval 'baggage train', by using horses and carts from existing sets along with many of the poses.

Medieval Sailors-Another much needed set, for the Zvezda craft, as well as other 1/72 scale ships. They could be made generic enough to be useful for other purposes as well.

I'm actually surprised no one has produced either of these sets yet, I would think they would be great sellers.

Re: Re: Which Medieval sets do we need the most?

yeay, scandinavian baltic crusades! and late 12th century/early 13th century infantry, in those long sleeves coats. (sustacops??)



Re: Which Medieval sets do we need the most?

Mediaeval Peasants
Baggage waggons
And any sets that include accessories that can be
a) used as designed
b) used in a diorama
c) adapted for different periods
e.g. Dave Hennen's Pilgrim Fort.

Re: Re: Which Medieval sets do we need the most?

While I'd like to have all of the sugggested sets, what I'd like most is:
- medieval civilians (one set each per area of the world, like Northern/Southern/Eastern European, middle Eastern, African, Japanese etc)
- Sailors
- baggage train

Re: Re: Which Medieval sets do we need the most?

I would vote for peasants, sailors, baggage and townspeople. Late XVth or early XVIth cantury stuff would be nice - some decent gendarmes?

Knights of St John(Malta) ...great castles

Malta's a great Island no wonder they fought to the death for it.

Plus the Crimean War Turkish great great grandfathers(chuckle)

I need castle defenders!

Hopefully a multipose set!

Re: I need castle defenders!

Common soldiers of the Hundred Years War, for both
sides. Knights are overepresented in the available
sets. A set of English archers would be especially
good, the Strelets poses aren't very good - lots of
odd positions. Britains has some excellent poses for
archers in their 54mm metal soldiers. Perhaps realistic stakes could be included in the archer set
(the ones that come molded on the Accurate figures
are too small). Genovese crossbowmen could have a set
with pavaises and carriers.

Defenders and attackers for Malta would also be a great idea, though these would be a Rennaisance set,
rather than Middle Ages.

Tibetan Empire

and T'and Chinese. I would love to do a diorama with the Eastern Turks under Su Lu with Tibetan mercs. against T'ang Chinese.

Re: Tibetan Empire

Avars, the forgotten medieval empire.

How about 16th century knights, who wore elaborate guilded armour more for show than protection?

Stakes are best made from cocktail sticks.

I'm hoping the Caesar Wars of the Roses set will fill one particular gap in the market, but we don't yet know the mix of knights and levies.

Re: Which Medieval sets do we need the most?

My favourites are:
- Medieval sailors and crew
- Medieval civilians
- Medieval bagage train (or raiding party with goods)
- Castle defenders

Re: Re: Which Medieval sets do we need the most?

TONES of EARLY MEDIEVAL figurines....
early barbarian kingdoms. franks , visigoths , vandals, longobards etc. nomad people avars, magyars, bulgarians, turks etc. early slavs and byzantynians. you can hardly find sets like those. unless you start converting or just "thinking" I have goths because i have celts and i think they could be goths because they look something like goths. when I put thme on the table and look from the distance nobody knows apart form me they're not goths - that sort of rationalizing if you get what i mean. REAL SETS !!! NO FAKE!!!

Re: Re: Re: Which Medieval sets do we need the most?

Early medievals would be nice, especially some Byzantines. It's really weird how some really important armies can be totally left out - until recently no Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Normans, Arab-Moorish, late Romans or Byzantines. Mercifully, this is either rectified or in the process of being rectified with the exception of the Byzantines - so these are a really important gap.

I'm surprised what you say about Goths. We have loads of Dark Age stuff now that can quite happily be used as Goths without any stretch of the imagination - in fact we even have a couple of authentic Goth sets from Hat (althought I admit the Visigoth miniset is not great). I do use Hat Celts as Goth cavalry, not all the poses admittedly, and apart from helmets being slightly wrong and the spine down the centre of the shield they are perfect and they serve to adda bit more variety to the actual Hat Gothic cavalry. Fall of the West/Dark Age has gone from next to nothing to absolutely exponential in the last couple of years - it is amazing how new periods are being broken into and very swiftly filled out.

Delivering and recieving blows

I would like to see a specific "desperate close close combat" set, where all poses would bee two oposing fighters, eg, a swordsman delivering a blow with a sword against his opponent who recieves it in his head, his head and upper body being pushed backwards. A swordsmanblocking(with the flat side of his sword, not the edge) a swordsblow from an opponent, two soldiers wrestling on the ground,a knight holding another knight strangulation/neckbracking style from the behind with his left arm trying to stab trough the neck with his right. Some dead/wounded poses(better that strelets Agincourt, more like pegasus omhaha beach style)etc.

Re: Which Medieval sets do we need the most?

A very interesting thread. I'd like to add my own twopenneth. I'd like to see:
1. Byzantines and their enemies for the Wars of Justinian and Belisarius. Some of the 'enemies' are available already, but what about some Sassanids ?
2. Byzantines and their enemies for the wars of Heraclius, Sassanids as above, but also some Arab Conquest figures, Avars and Slavs.
3 Byzantines and their enemies of the 9th-10th centuries, particularly Russ, Bulgars and Slavs.

Would it be possible to set up a Poll on the site to register people's oppinions ? Now, there's a thought; Poles and Prussians...