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Dear all,

Last saturday I went with my family to "les journées portes ouvertes du 6/12è Régiment Cuirassiers, LECLERC Cavalerie" at Olivet, a little town near ORLEANS / FRANCE. A kind of French Army Public relation operation to show people current French military materials, vehicles, Tanks.

Then by a lucky chance while visiting I passed by the "Salle d'Honneur du Régiment" (the Honor's Room), a two-room place which remains closed most of the time. A lot of different old things showing the History of the Regiments are gathered in such places. Usually you can find interesting standards (and other military things) from nowadays back to the French 3rd Republic (1870 to 1914) even older if you are lucky. I was almost leaving the place when at the very end of the second room I could read on a very old standard "L'EMPEREUR DES FRANCAIS AU ...ème REGIMENT DE CUIRASSIERS"
GOSH!!! I was so amazed I don't recall the number. (silly me!!)
It was protected by a window, and had a white losange with 2 corners red and 2 others which should have been blue, for the collors passed away and just the white remains. The other standard was a smaller one with the more traditionnal French 3 colors lay-out and it belonged to the 4th Regiment of Cuirassiers. Then I had a strange feeling, I thought I was almost "touching" History. For those Standards saw the Emperor. Actually, I would not have "touched" those standards because they really are too fragile, this is just an expression.
Anyway I had to go for those historical stuff are not really my Wife and Kids' cup of tea.
So my Friends you might be able to say: Why does he bother us with his long lines?
Because thanks to this kind of interresting experiences and thanks to Strelets, and some STRELETS Competitors, we are able to recreate little dioramas about subjects we do very much like, to recreate a period of "History" we are very interrested in.
For this we can say: THANK YOU STRELETS.
And THANK YOU too STRELETS for you can be sure I will buy you next BORODINO set, I will buy your French Cuirassiers (Nicknamed in those days les "gros frères" : big brothers or "les gros talons" : big boots, of course I will buy as well their brave Russian's foes.

"Vive l'Empereur!!"

Best Regards



you're so right pat!

En avant mes braves, en avant! Vive L'Empereur!

(or should it be en avamment?)




Hello Christian,

You are right too, it is:
En avant mes braves,en avant! Vive L'Empereur!.

Not: en avamment




Bravo Mssr Sheuck! Well said!

Because you are a good husband and father and took your family to the event, you planted the seeds of curiosity and respect for history in your kids and you know your wife respects that.

Someday, your kids and wife will surprise you and say, "Lets do that again."

Just breathing the same air and walking on the same ground with the historics important to you - touches you with history! You led your family that day from the front as a good leader is expected to, and you will see your personal victory as the future unfolds.

And sharing excellent quality figurines of art such as Strelets*R's with them will also arouse further curiosity, and discussions.

Happy Collecting!


Dear Dave,

Thank you for your kind words.
I think my Son begins to find interrest in old History as well as in 1/72 figures. Actually I don't expect that same interrest from my Wife and Daughter who already have their own Hobbies by the way.
Anyway it was nice to have them all around that day.
But you are right because my 7.5 year old Son told me he already wants to paint his figures. I paint my own ones with HUMROL ENAMELS which is good but longer and I would like to find some painting technique easyier for him?
Anyway thank you for your words.
Best regards.