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The Great Dioramas of Uwe Wild and Co.

Hey, Uwe. I was looking over some of the dioramas you have put together, Bunker's Hill (to get inspiration for Independence Day here in the States), and Isandhlwana. Just out of curiosity, when is the next one coming out?

Re: The Great Dioramas of Uwe Wild and Co.

Hi Steve,

thanks for your warm words! At the moment I am still working on the Roman diorama at home.

Beside this I am helping Zsolt and Krisztian with a Peipus 1242 diorama which we want to show in October. I hope Krisztian will make again so good photos as from the Hastings diorama.

The plan for 2008 is Aliwal, at the moment are 2500 converted figures ready. Most of them from the collection of my friend Alfred Umhey. Newline design offered me to make a range of Sikh war figures too and we are working on the design.

For 2009 we started on a Napoleonic diorama. This time it is Aspern 1809. From my collection I have around 5000 French and Austrians and a lot of people offered their help in this project. So I hope for a very big diorama with 10-15.000 figures. But we are in great need of Austrians and French chasseur a cheval. So if anybody wants to take part in this project he is invited

So much ideas, so much to do and so less time. BTW, I have started to paint sea-people and Egyptians too to make an invasion of Egypt 1200 BC. This will go faster, as these figures are easy to paint.

So you see, I am working on several things at the same time. The problem is I have to finish one now...


Re: Re: The Great Dioramas of Uwe Wild and Co.

hi uwe, glad to hear of your projects and look forward to seeing them as well in the future. i also found the bunker hill project inspirational. i'm working on a much smaller project for my father on the battle of king's mountain. he wants a display for his shop. i'm having trouble finding a figure to depict major ferguson who wore a hunting shirt and was shot off his horse. he'll have to be converted of course. anyway, just wanted to add some praise to your projects.

Re: Re: Re: The Great Dioramas of Uwe Wild and Co.

Hi madpenman,

thanks for the praise:-)

King's mountain sounds very interesting. How big do you want to make this diorama? This wooded hill would be very difficult to make.

Hm - Ferguson. It was a loose shirt, at the moment I am thinking of a Celt or an Apache. A frock-coat would be too short. This will be a very interesting conversion.

I hope you will show us pictures of this diorama? Good luck with it!!


Re: Re: Re: Re: The Great Dioramas of Uwe Wild and Co.

hi uwe, the diorama base will be about three feet by two, so it is a small diorama, with only around 80 figures or so. the british position was the top of the mountain, as ferguson did not think the americans would attack his force. i'm planning on visiting the actual site sometime this summer, and i went there once as a child, so it's foggy in my memory. i think i can build up the ground with styrofoam and a thin plaster layer. trees will be mostly pines from woodland scenics. the british will be mostly the accurate ones. i've made a few casualty conversions with the imex artillery sets. and of course the yanks will be the old accurate ones. ferguson was mounted, so an italieri dragoon may work. i thought of cutting the bottom legs at the waist and then putting the top of another figure for the upper torso. the idea is to catch that dramatic moment of fergusons death and the disintegration of his force's cohesion. it's a shame about ferguson, from my reading of him i actually admired him as an officer. his fate should have been tarleton's, to people around here. cheers and thanks for the encouragement!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Great Dioramas of Uwe Wild and Co.

Yes the Italeri dragoon is a good choice. Three feet by two is not too small and will be a lot of work, especially the groundwork.

Ferguson was really a good officer. He led Washington go when he had the chance to kill him. And he introduced the first breach-loading musket.

A pity that the Americans got him and not Tarleton.

Good luck with the diorama


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: The Great Dioramas of Uwe Wild and Co.

Don't forget the Imex Alamo Defenders set, which has a few figures in hunting shirts. The Davey Crocket figure had both arms raised making him best fodder for conversion, IMO.