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Medieval Levy 3 ????

Well we have pikeman and regular medium infantry but what about the crossbowmen, archers, handgunners, and even a few slingers??? Come on Strelets we need these guys bad. Sure I was able to use 5 or 6 of the poses from the Norman archers set(the ones without chainmail) as part of my peasant army but come on with the crossbowmen, you guys are on a roll with the medieval sets so don't stop now!!!

Re: Medieval Levy 3 ????

You can make many Conversions from Orion, Revell (Accurate), MiniArt, Hät (Robin Hood)!
I also work on a Diorama, the Battle at Hiltersried!
German Knights defaets a Hussite Team of 1600 Men...!
Only the first and the last Time in this Confrontation...
If you want to, i sent you Foto´s of my figures and Links with Informations!
Also an fantastic Builder of handmade War Wagons...

Re: Re: Medieval Levy 3 ????

That would be great Michel. I love converting figures and would love to see your pix. Thanks!