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Re: Sevastopol - Tolstoi movie ?

Hello Hank,

There was an old movie (shot probably in the -60s or even -50s) about Admiral Nakhimov but it was black/white.
Apart from that we don't remember any other movies on the subject and definitely not after Tolstoy.



Re: Sevastopol - Tolstoi movie ?

Admiral Nakhimov 1947 one of the best war films ever made in Russia i have that film

Defence of Sevastopol movie 1911

This must have been influenced by Tolstoi.
Defence of Sevastopol (Russian: Оборона Севастополя or Воскресший Севастополь) is a 1911 historical war film about the Siege of Sevastopol during the Crimean War and one of the most important films in the history of Russian cinema. It was the first feature film made in the Russian Empire and it premiered on October 26 at the Livadia Palace of Tsar Nicolas II.

Re: Defence of Sevastopol movie 1911

So many historical movies, no not longer available. It is a shame!