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new sets

Just saw 4 of the new hat sets hit my internet supplier plus 8128 Assyrian Army, sprues from all the hat assyrian sets in a box with a window like the old Airfix boxes.

Talking of new sets were the Strelets minis released in smaller volumes, or are they selling faster, they do not seem to be able to keep in stock, and only the original sets have shown up?

Re: new sets

I just picked up the Norman archers and Anglo-Saxons a few days ago. They were the only ones I could find. Prices are great $11.99CAD, which is currently equal to or better than, most HaT, Italeri or Zvezda sets.

Re: new sets

I noticed that the new HaT sets showed up too. I might get the Assyrian Army set for the box alone. I like the Airfix box style. Can you comment on the quality of the Gallic Warband and elephant sets?

I picked up the Norman and Saxon mini sets at my local hobby store; that's all I've seen. MTSC has all of the sets in stock though

Re: Re: new sets

For this order St. vikings and norman archers were only mini sets they had Gallic inf and indian elphant wer also missing. the rest are in the mail I hope.