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STRELETS -R versus mini mathematics

Well Napoleonic winter dress figures in Mini Format.(SAt last 1/72 Guard Chasseurs not seen since Hinton Hunt etc)

1 Strelets-r Box(44 figures) = 4 Strelets Mini Box's(10 figures)
Guess they are 1/4 cost to design a set.However at leats we'll see more sets appear.

Sprues still have at least 5 figures worth of lost plastic on the mini's tho.

These look more like the campaign figures that one would see on the battle field instead of th eparade ground stuff other manufacturers have produced.Well done Strelets. No command or will there be a command set and Band etc ? Who, ahem how about soem Crimean War Minis'

Re: STRELETS -R versus mini mathematics

Trying to read Hank's mind: how about TURKISH minisets for the Crimean war?

Re: Re: STRELETS -R versus mini mathematics

Or two set's of British Guards. One for the Alma, the other for Inkermann. Or a general set of British in greatcoats?