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suggestions for 2 more Roman sets

We have Strelets' miniset of Roman infantry fighting other infantry, we have Zvezda's testudo and a number of sets with figures for general battle. but what we don't have is a set of imperial Roman infantry repelling cavalry:

mini-set with 5 poses.
1. Decudo: soldier with 2 feathers on the helmet as commander
2. 2 poses of soldiers with pila
3. 2 poses of archers

Should be a cheap but useful set for battles against Huns, Arabs and Persians.

2nd suggestion would be set for a Roman triumph with musicians, sacrificial animals, spoils, captives, senators & triumphator:

scroll all the way down for images.

Re: suggestions for 2 more Roman sets

The best Roman sets are in vain, if there are´nt good opponents.

For the Republican Age we need more Iberians, Keltiberians, the first set of Illyrians or Ligurians, Aquitanian, Pontic Armies and a big bunch of Hellenistic Soldiers like Thurephoroi and others.

For the early Empire we need more Early Germans, Illyrians, Sarmatians.

Re: Re: suggestions for 2 more Roman sets

Hat are doing nice sets of Rome's ennemies such as the Goths, Germans tribes, Dacians, Celts & Parthians. I'm pretty confident they'll reach the Ligurians/Pontic/Hellenists & perhaps even Ptolemaic egyptians sooner than later.

What is also needed are decent sets of hunnish armies (lucky toys' are hard to find), alans, maybe some sassanids (if they no longer look like Parthians), late empire franks, Burgondians, Alemanis & Vandals.


What about all the eastern cavalry? Late Roman and Parthians, Armenians etc.?


Re: Re: Re: suggestions for 2 more Roman sets

The Hat sets are ok, besides the clumsy ancient german set. But they are to few. There are a lot more Roman sets.

And I don´t want to rely on a single manufactor.

Hat produces late Roman Franks and Goth, but only in Minisets. They are introducing a set of Gallic Warrior but they offer until now only a few Celts in their "Carthaginian Allies" Set.