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Re: Re: Re: Strelets, when are you going to release the Borodino set?

well, 1000 isn't much, i will need to buy them as soon as the appear. I better start collecting money ;)



How many sets were made of the medieval big box?

Just so we can compare both. The medieval box is still available, but it is hard to find.

Re: How many sets were made of the medieval big box?

I'm not planning to buy a big box, because I get a lot of figures I don't like/want. I really wanted the new figures in the Medieval Britain big box, but I don't want to have all the other sets that are included. The same with the Borodino set, I want those cuirassiers, but I don't need any russians etc, so I won't be buying it. Strelets could sell more when they sell the sets seperately as well.