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Strelets 085 & Strelets 086 master pictures?


Could you please provide us with some master pictures of your next:

- Strelets 085 - Norman Mounted Knights (1/72)

- Strelets 086 - Breton Mounted Knights (1/72)

My STRELETS mini serie M001 to M004 longs to see them.

Best regards

Re: Strelets 085 & Strelets 086 master pictures?

And I would be happy to have them in my hands soon to enlarge our Hastings diorama.

Our Hastings diorama will come into an exhibition in Bajeux for some months. More figures would be nice.
The diorama will be shown there from the middle of August. Just in case some of you want to have your holidays in northern France


Re: Re: Strelets 085 & Strelets 086 master pictures?

Hi Uwe!
What a coincidence: I was planning a trip with two brothers and their nephews to d-day normandy beaches in the end of august.
I was not sure to go to the tapistry, maybe my family are not interested in this.
But with your diorama my nephew will see this!
How big will it be?

Re: Re: Re: Strelets 085 & Strelets 086 master pictures?

Hi Marc,

I hope we will get all the 4500 figures we had before. It depends on if everybody is willing to give his figures for a longer exhibition. But I am sure there will be more than 3000 figures.

I will let you know more details, because I have to ask the curator of the exhibition first.


Details for the Hastings Exhibition

Hi Marc,

some more details for you:

the exhibition is from July to September, I don't have the exact dates at the moment. But the diorama will appear on the beginning of August.

It is in the Chapelle de College in Eu, Normandy.
There is a central parking place near the cathedral. From there on five minutes walk. Another news is, that in July a new figure-museum will open in Eu too, exactly beside the parkings-place.

I hope you will enjoy your holiday. Maybe you can make some photos of the diorama?


thanks Uwe!

I appreciate this information very much, thanks!
I've got a brother who is better in making photographs then me(he makes pics from flowers, insects etc., so that is in good hands).
What kind of figuremuseum will it be you mentioned?

Re: thanks Uwe!

Hi Marc,

as for the museum, my friend Alfred Umhey is working on several museums in France with the main topic toy-soldiers.

So I guess you can see there not only 1/72 but soldiers in every scale and material.