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To Strelets Napoleonic era sailors

Please someone make nap era sailors, officers etc : hät set is nice but there aint no officers and we dont have any french spanish and american sailors Please srelts make them soon

Re: To Strelets Napoleonic era sailors

Good idea. A British marine set could be made in
red, and a seamen set in light blue. French sailors
in darker blue, and Spanish sailors in tan. In 1/32nd
scale, Replicants have British marine and seamen sets.

More possibilities in metal

In case you are collecting metals too - newline design has a very nice range of sailers, artillery-crews and British marines.


Re: To Strelets Napoleonic era sailors

Even a Row Boat with a Shore Party of Napoleonic Marines would be nice.

I am still pushing for Strelets to make a "Jason & the Argonauts" set based on the classic 1963 movie. I already have the "Talos" figure who is in dire need of someone to kick sand on at the beach!

Coppertone Anyone?

Re: Re: To Strelets Napoleonic era sailors

Jason and the Argonauts was a great movie! Strangely enough, I was thinking about a Napoleonic landing
set as well. A ship's boat, sailors rowing, seated
marines, and marines in combat poses, would make a great set.