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Re: Re: Re: French Grenadiers in Winter Dress

The men depicted are indeed chasseurs and not grenadiers. I am curious to see the actual figures. I would prefer them to be grenadiers as it is far easier to cover the plate then to paint one. But the are very welcome indeed. I would also like some grenadiers in shako's. I notice a standard bearer and a drummer, but I wonder if strelets will include both in the mini set. I guess they will go for a drummer like hat does.
I would be funny if they were chasseurs as that would mean that two sets, of this uncovered subject would be produced at the same time. :-)

Re: Re: Re: Re: French Grenadiers in Winter Dress

Let's hope that Strelets hasn't printed the boxes yet.

Btw, what a smart move to start producing figures in Winter outfit. I guess that less than 10% of all figures that we have for all periods from Romans to Modern would be suitable for warfare in the cold season.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: French Grenadiers in Winter Dress

A very good idea indeed. Now I can buy lots of figures without having to worry much about the long cue of soldiers I still need to paint :-)


In the pastI suggested frequently on this forum to create wintersets for the Russian campaign/french retreat.
So I'm very glad to see Strelets creating infantry ánd cavalry sets for this period.
And the guard-grenadiers/-chasseurs(?) will ofcourse find it's way to the many Waterloo-fans.
So I have to thank Strelets from the bottom from my heart!
Just another suggestion: Cossackcavalry in really thick warm clothes will be super for this campaign. With fur around their necks or on their heads etc.; all armed with simple lances.
Would be super!
regards and thanks again

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: French Grenadiers in Winter Dress

Of course many generals avoided fighting then if they got the option.
An appropriate set might be of an army in winter quarters...

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: French Grenadiers in Winter Dress

Cossacks in winter clothing would be very welcome, they indeed just look so cool in fur. and its a great set for Strelets; what about a mixed infantry/cavalry set, would be really great.



Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: French Grenadiers in Winter Dress

and of course, I'm really looking forward your planned wintersets :)

Value-added cossacks

Plus throw in a few Bashkirs & Tartars with the cossacks....& maybe a priest with Icon & some Don cossack horse artillery: great set!

Re: Value-added cossacks

Hi Donald,

a great idea - Don Cossack artillery and Bashkiers, Kalmücks etc.