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Re: Re: Re: Re: The weather before Borodino(Moskowa)

I tried to translate it as best as I could:
"On that bloody day the divisions of Compans and Desaix were under the direct command of Davout. Their mission was to attack the flank, from the edge of the wood on to the second hill and the three flèches that the Russians had build on the left of our line. Ney was to attack them at the front with two of his divisions. At 3 AM the troops were set in motion with the utmost silence. A dense fog furthermore covered our movement and this helped us to reach our dispositions unnoticed by the enemy.
We reached the vicinity of the flèches over difficult roads. Their centre now lay on our extreme right, complete for the taking and destruction by surprise."

At the end of or just after the battle it seemed it started raining again (probably during Napoleons inspection of the concered terrain).


Thanks Bert