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Patience is a virtue

Hi, Hank, I think Strelets' recent re-entry into Naps is what the share market calls 'profit taking'.
These cuirassier & Russian infantry sets will make Strelets many dollars richer....& then I'm sure they'll return to the crimea.

Re: Patience is a virtue

Hi Donald, I guess you are right its the old Napoleonic cash cow and gotta aim at the market.cant be the Crimea without Turkish troops.

Re: Re: Patience is a virtue

Hank, when those Turks come rolling into the stores I will cheer along with you.
best wishes, donald

Turks for Napoleonic warfare?

Hi Donald,

I think you are right. Then let us have another question about Turks for 1799-1815

Personally I will cheer for all new sets!