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Mini 001 Normans

Recently I bought a couple of boxes of the Minis, including the Saxons and Normans. I like the box of Saxons very much.

Last night, I finally opened the box of Normans and looked at them. I noticed that four of the figures have their swords half buried underneath their mail coats (only the hilts, handles, pommels, and the tips of the scabbards are outside the mail coats) and without sword belts. See PSR page first row first and last figures from the left and second row second and third figures from the left. I found this rather strange. I am considering taking out my XActo knife to carve the scabbards outside the mail coats, but want to check with the rest of you to see if I am off on this. Thanks of any comments.

Re: Mini 001 Normans

He Dominic,

These 'half burried'scabards are historical correct, so don't remove them.



Re: Re: Mini 001 Normans

This is true.

Re: Mini 001 Normans

Thanks, I didn't know that. What was the reason that the sword was carried this way?

Re: Re: Mini 001 Normans

Hi Dominic

As already stated this is correct. Even the Bayeaux Tapestry shows this habit. The reason must be a practical one, so I would guess this helped keep the scabbard under control. Perhaps a medieval reenactor could enlighten us?

Re: Mini 001 Normans

I now realized that this is correct. Someone also told me that there is a drawing in Ospray's Campaign Series on Hastings 1066 with a Norman on horseback with his sword carried this way.

Thanks everyone for the information. I will look for more pictures or drawings.

Re: Re: Mini 001 Normans

Well, I'm no reenactor but do some military riding; especially at the trot your sword and scabbard can be a real jingling nuisance- it makes noise, bumps into your horse (which tends to annoy them, which they then take out on you!) and if it swings around to much the straps can break and you lose it, usually at an inconvenient moment....
There are different solutions: multiple straps to the scabbard to keep it more steady, sabretaches, attaching the sword to the saddle rather than the rider (the preferred option since about 1880) and apparently sticking most of the thing under your mail coat!