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Re: Cuirrasiers and Cuirassiers

Dear Murach,

Yes, I'm also looking forward to the Crimean War British Grenadiers, Turkish Infantry and French Cavalry.

The British Grenadiers should be a smash hit! Love those bear-skin hats. Maybe they would look good in great-coats too (!?).

To finally have the Turks in truly soft plastic will be a real treat. Real eye-pleasing.

And the Crimean French Cavalry will also work for other campaigns too, I hope. I'm looking forward to having them do double-duty with the Orion Boxer Rebellion sets.

Have a super weekend!


Hank where are you? They mentioned Turks again.
Let's follow them into the breach, calling Turks, Turks, Turks

And after this nice article about the Russian Dragoons of course Turkish cavalry and artillery too


Re: Turks

Allied artillery (crimean range)!!!!!!

i'm for dem Turkish inf and artillery

come on gimmie the CW Turksh infantry and artillery .Enough napoleonics out there already.

cw Numerical requirements
Turkish Infantry 75,000( gimmie now strelets dude)

British Guards 2,500(so these can get lost for a while longer)

Patience is a virtue

Hi, Hank, I think Strelets' recent re-entry into Naps is what the share market calls 'profit taking'.
These cuirassier & Russian infantry sets will make Strelets many dollars richer....& then I'm sure they'll return to the crimea.

Re: Patience is a virtue

Hi Donald, I guess you are right its the old Napoleonic cash cow and gotta aim at the market.cant be the Crimea without Turkish troops.

Re: Re: Patience is a virtue

Hank, when those Turks come rolling into the stores I will cheer along with you.
best wishes, donald

Turks for Napoleonic warfare?

Hi Donald,

I think you are right. Then let us have another question about Turks for 1799-1815

Personally I will cheer for all new sets!