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Re: To S*R Team

Dear Strelets*R,

Thank you for your good news surprise reply. Now Napoleonic collectors can look forward to more exciting sets in the future too, in addition to the Borodino sets!

Both the Borodino Cuirassieurs and the Box Art Cuirassieurs look great. And as we have been hinting at, also some charging ... :-)

... and maybe a Mini-Set of British Square to give those Cavalry a good fight!

Thanks again and Happy Dreaming !!!

Re: Re: To S*R Team

Hi Dave,

not again a British square, I would like to see a Prussian, Russian, Bavarian (of course) square in the campaign of 1814

I winter diorama, something that beside Leuthen I have never seen before. This would be a challenge...


Re: Re: Re: To S*R Team

Dear Uwe,

You make a good point. It may be more interesting to have a Prussian, Russian, Bavarian, or ... square. Something that has never been done before.

Especially, it would be great to see some nice poses of soldiers in square repelling a cavalry charge, and conversely, a cavalry charge trying to break the square.

Have a great weekend! :-)

Re: Re: Re: Re: To S*R Team

even if the box says 'generic russian and french napoleonics', i'll buy them! the scans of the masters look great!