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More artillery foot figures should be wearing coats

Hi Dave, Well i'm not for the speculating being a stickler for "seeing is believing". (eg where those cw turkish infantry ..chuckle)

Again figures in cloaks and coats are usually VERY convertable.Plus less detail to sculpt(thus cheaper to design/produce and quicker to make...ahem anyone listening out there).To take the case further...

I was attached to work with artillery battery a few times(105's) during my military life. It gets cold with all the hanging around involved in between fire missions.

I noticed many of the battery gunners were a bit deaf (especially the veteran ones ).So some faces should show figures stressed shouting orders over the action.

Also we never see the classical pose of a person with one palm of a hand covering the gun side ear ,and mouth wide open as the gun fires.

I also wonder if many Napleonic gunners often equipped themselves with oil skins to protect them from the european rain .

strelets be care!!!

Have you seen box art of Borodino?

If Strelets you do not know, Borodino battle was in summer. Why did those cuirassiers wear cloaks? Then i heard that you want to add you previous sets like Russian hussars, it´s a mistake, because your hussars wear winter/autumn dress and Borodino battle was in summer. I hope you will not add you winter russian infantry in this set.

And new mistake, your winter russian infantry is incorrect, musketeers and fusiliers did not have plumes, you should especify your set better, like winter russian grenadiers, or russian guard....

So, please Strelets be careful. This are very big mistakes that can be found very easily.


Yevgen Chernov

Re: strelets be care!!!

Hi Yevgen,

maybe the set should called Malo-Jarovslewts (I never will be able to speak or write this word properly).
Than all the figures in cloak would be ok.

I am sure, Strelets knows Russian history. But the trick works, Esci made Austrians and Prussian Jägers for Waterloo too.

Last year a guy sold green painted Austrian infantry from Esci as Nassau infantry for Waterloo. He wrote a very detailed text about the battle record of the Nassauers down. It worked, he got nearly 70 Euros for around 50 green painted Austrians.


Re: strelets be care!!!

Hi Yevgen, I wonder if you served in a military unit.I know that even in europe in summer it gets cold and rain AND WIND like anywhere else. When on campaign SOLDIERS most likely livE in the open air with little shelter.

Re: Re: strelets be care!!!

No i did not serve in any military unit. But ok lets discuss this point.

You are right, that sometimes there are wind and cold weather. But we are talking about

1st Borodino
2nd year 1812
3rd country/empire Russia

So lets talk about first point. Borodino was during summer days, and it was hot, and in battle is even hotter, why use cloacks? Just to show that you are cool, maybe. But with 2nd point i will show that only few coluld show that they were cool and had cloacks.

2nd point, during this period few french and russian had cloacks, because french didnt thought that this war would be so long. And russians had no money to buy for all soldiers cloacks and give them in summer these cloacks. And here im introducing 3rd point, in Russian Empire it was cheaper recruit new soldier that buy a cloack, so what would you do as general buy cloacks or recruit new soldiers if you have limited amount of money?

Dont forget that Russian Empire more population than others countries during this period, so manpower was very cheap.

And now good, here is coming 4th point. Look at box art of Borodino set, what do you see in the ground? SNOW. Man its just increible, in Borodino in summer days there are snow. Wow im from Ukraine, but i think that there were no Snow in Russia during these days. No historian says so.

If Strelets have found any memory where says that in Borodino field was snow, please give us a link. It will change the whole history!!!!!


Yevgen Chernov

YEVGEN - Borodino in Winter ?

Hi Yevgen, looks like a misunderstanding in translation ...but no problem.

Also See Strelets message in the thread which shows a mistake happened .I think its funny too.

It would be the same thing having a picture of an Africa Korps Panzer in the Arctic chuckle.

not all roads were metal in 1800's.Some of the "roads" were really dirt tracks.

Rolled cloaks/blankets most certainly were rig de jour by cavalry in Napoleonic campaign which also gave a small amount of protection from sword slashes.

have fun and wonder what the outcome would have been if Borodino was fought in winter.Interesting .....

troops in greatcoats

Hi, Yevgen,
I know the Nap French did often fight in greatcoats: partly to protect their uniforms. You even see paintings of them in Spain so dressed. I will admit a unit would probably have a smattering of troops in greatcoats & habits.
I believe the Russian peasant soldier did not like tight fitting clothes. Again, I have read it was not unusual in hot weather for them to discard their uniform coat & wear a great coat.
Intersting discussion, this. Thanks for bringing it up.
regards, donald

Borodino was not a "Summer Battle"

Hello Yevgen,

It was grey, rainy and cold. Troops on both sides were given alcohol not only to make them brave but to keep them warm.


Re: To Hank Re: Cuirassieurs in Cloaks & Box Art

Dear Dave,

by mistake the artwork was posted under a wrong number. This artwork is for set no.089.
Sorry for the confusion caused.

Best regards,


well...Don't judge a book by the cover

Dave - Hopefully we'll also see the new Borodino next time they update the website.(friday ?)

Re: To S*R Team

Dear Strelets*R,

Thank you for your good news surprise reply. Now Napoleonic collectors can look forward to more exciting sets in the future too, in addition to the Borodino sets!

Both the Borodino Cuirassieurs and the Box Art Cuirassieurs look great. And as we have been hinting at, also some charging ... :-)

... and maybe a Mini-Set of British Square to give those Cavalry a good fight!

Thanks again and Happy Dreaming !!!

Re: Re: To S*R Team

Hi Dave,

not again a British square, I would like to see a Prussian, Russian, Bavarian (of course) square in the campaign of 1814

I winter diorama, something that beside Leuthen I have never seen before. This would be a challenge...


Re: Re: Re: To S*R Team

Dear Uwe,

You make a good point. It may be more interesting to have a Prussian, Russian, Bavarian, or ... square. Something that has never been done before.

Especially, it would be great to see some nice poses of soldiers in square repelling a cavalry charge, and conversely, a cavalry charge trying to break the square.

Have a great weekend! :-)

Re: Re: Re: Re: To S*R Team

even if the box says 'generic russian and french napoleonics', i'll buy them! the scans of the masters look great!