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Re: No marching and loading poses

Earlier posts from Strelets reguarding their Romans would seem to support your theory that other sets with other poses will soon follow.

I would think an entire set representing all of the steps of loading and firing the musket (the whole drill) would be warrented. Such a set depicting a military band would fufill one of my long standing wishlist items.


Congratullations Strelets*R!!!!!
I like the new set very much,great sculpting and combat poses.I´m really pleased and I like very much the mini format.
Let´s rise up new units!!!
Go on this way...I trust your imagination!

Re: Congratullations

Dear Strelets,

the poses are very good for a bajonett charge. But it is impossible to shoot a musket while advancing. Can you change this pose to a second standing one?

As Andreas mentioned, no marching or loading pose. I would add no officer, drummer etc. So we all hope for more mini-sets!


Re: Re: Congratullations

Are you reciving my mails?Sure not.I told you great news.I´ll try again by phone,something goes definitively wrong with my server :I get yours and you do not get mine!
Anyway ...I know about the lack of poses...but I´m a little combat units painter and this format goes very well for me!!!
Glad to hear you!!!!

Re: New masters

Are they Guard infantry? Not that it matters much. Nice figures & a 'must have'. donald

Re: Re: New masters

We can paint them us Guards or simple Grenadiers or Carabiniers of line and light Regiments. So a guard status they have.


Re: Re: Re: New masters

True, Uwe. But as a wargamer I prefer to have a visual difference with troop types.
For Russian line infantry, I've got boxes of the old Esci figures (Russian 'Granadiers').
For Grenadier troops, I've used plenty of the Zvesda Russian Heavy infantry.
The Strelets' Greatcoated infantry as Guard infantry would suit me.
You being, Uwe, a noted dioramatist (is that a word?) I think you'd agree it's all in the look of the thing?
regards, donald

Re: Re: Re: Re: New masters

Hi Donald,

yes of course I aggree with you. Dioramatist is a nice word. Of course it is all from the point of few.

I never came into wargaming. In Germany wargaming is something like Games Workshop with Orcs etc. Nothing for me. Historical wargaming is not very wide spread here.


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: New masters

Well, Uwe, you're certainly a master of your art.
However, if you're ever in the Antipodes there's a wargaming table (with some averagely painted figures on it) awaiting you. It would be fun.
regards, donald

Re: New masters

Nice figures. However, some bayonets seem a bit short.

Re: Re: New masters

Great figures, Strelets. I'l be buying a few boxes of these.

Re: Re: Re: New masters

If my wallet allows me, I will but plenty :)(these fig will be the base of many, many conversions ;) )



Re: New masters

Very nice looking figures will buy aload for sure

Re: Re: New masters

They look very good, as do the Borodino sculpts. This is one of their best sculptors. Looks like there was clear attempt to make them compatible with the Zvezda figures.