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Re: Re: Dear all: Charging French Cuirasseirs

I can't say the Strelets figures are very detailed and sculpted. Some of them lack any detail. The latest output by Hät are one of the best figures I've ever seen.

Re: Re: Dear all: Charging French Cuirasseirs

To compare figures of different manufacturers go to the :

On that site you will find hundreds of sets that have been revied and in some cases height comparisons between manufacturers.

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Yes, and this manufacturer offers an own forum as I see now!
Hät has nice boxarts... , do the figures live up to the expectations generated by the box?
The Strelets-Boxart isn`t of the same quality standard, but their figures are always real winners!!! Good researched, detailed and sculpted figures with a rich variety of very useful poses for interisting eras/armies.