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Re: Re: Australian light Horse on HaT Site

I agree that early war cav are required - but so are late war: particularly for the 100 days from August - November 1918. By that stage British use of combined arms was becoming very sophisticated after the bloody learning curves of 1916-1917. My understanding is the cavalry (although more mounted infantry in the true sense) were being used in a role that could almost be described as the same as(very) short range paratroopers - with lightly armed mounted units taking and holding a position until the PBI etc moved up.

But still the Eastern front is not complete covered

Now I have a lot of Russian cavalry in my collection but I would be happy to get early Austrian cavalry with colourful blue uniforms. I personally would be happy to complete one range before starting on the next.

But cavalry for the western front and the colonial theaters are very important. The ALH needs enemies and we have no Turkish cavalry.

Hey Hank, Turkish cavalry for the Crimean war is missing too