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Re: Re: Mike's 1812 Retreat

Its a great book isn't it? And btw, it seems that your painting technique has improved very much, from seeing the figs in your dio:)



Re: Re: Mike's 1812 Retreat

Mike, Zamoyski's book is fantastic.
Have you read Austin Brittan's trilogy ('1812') yet?
Mostly eyewitness accounts. It's hard to read about Berezina with dry eyes: the heroism & the death.
Do you wargame?
I've been planning, playtesting etc a 'Retreat' game for some years. Strelets' new sets on the subject should make this even a more compelling subject.
regards, donald

Re: Re: Re: Mike's 1812 Retreat

Just wondering what did you use to make the snow .


Re: Re: Re: Mike's 1812 Retreat

Hi Donald, thank you for the reference, will scan the local library.

I am not a gamer now, although I was 30 years ago at school.
I have tried to contact a local Gamers club recently but have had no replies as yet. But I want to get back into the 'conflict' as I believe it will help me better understand the History of the Napoleonic times.

many thanks Mike McA

Re: Mike's 1812 Retreat

Hi there David - I used good old fashioned plain flour - about 4 cups in cooking terms.

I sprinkled around the base and placed figures accordingly.
Originally I wanted to create a snow fall scene by using chalk on a duster and sprinklering over the scene then take a picture, but it would have been a of a 'oncer' if it didnt go right, so I didnt carry out. I couldnt get the camera filter to give the flour that snow sparkle affect otherwise the texture seemed abut right.

Have you used any thing different to make up snow ???? I would be interested to know.

regards Mike McA

Re: Re: Mike's 1812 Retreat

Woodland Scenics makes "snow" for model railways.
David Moore