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Re: Mike's 1812 Retreat

indeed, great work!

Re: Re: Mike's 1812 Retreat

a nice diorama of a fascinating subject, Mike! and i like what you did with the wurtembergers.

Re: Mike's 1812 Retreat

Hi Donald and co

Thank you for your kind comments, I had just finished reading Adam Zamoyskis book '1812' and this inspired me to quickly put the scene together.

I have not got too many relevant figures painted up so as yet, so I was limited to the size of the scene. As you saw some old figures were also used, hopefully the intended sets from Strelets will add more to the subject.

Like all of you this campaign is of deep interest to me, appaulling losses on both sides, even during the retreat phases, and neither Napoleon or Alexander being fully aware of their reasons to fight in the first place.

What I never fully understood, until I read the book, is how many non military persons followed the French Army around on campaigns, either as unofficial foragers, or wives/family, private baggage wagons for officers etc.

Your thoughts are appreciated as always.

Mike McA

Re: Re: Mike's 1812 Retreat

Its a great book isn't it? And btw, it seems that your painting technique has improved very much, from seeing the figs in your dio:)



Re: Re: Mike's 1812 Retreat

Mike, Zamoyski's book is fantastic.
Have you read Austin Brittan's trilogy ('1812') yet?
Mostly eyewitness accounts. It's hard to read about Berezina with dry eyes: the heroism & the death.
Do you wargame?
I've been planning, playtesting etc a 'Retreat' game for some years. Strelets' new sets on the subject should make this even a more compelling subject.
regards, donald

Re: Re: Re: Mike's 1812 Retreat

Just wondering what did you use to make the snow .


Re: Re: Re: Mike's 1812 Retreat

Hi Donald, thank you for the reference, will scan the local library.

I am not a gamer now, although I was 30 years ago at school.
I have tried to contact a local Gamers club recently but have had no replies as yet. But I want to get back into the 'conflict' as I believe it will help me better understand the History of the Napoleonic times.

many thanks Mike McA

Re: Mike's 1812 Retreat

Hi there David - I used good old fashioned plain flour - about 4 cups in cooking terms.

I sprinkled around the base and placed figures accordingly.
Originally I wanted to create a snow fall scene by using chalk on a duster and sprinklering over the scene then take a picture, but it would have been a of a 'oncer' if it didnt go right, so I didnt carry out. I couldnt get the camera filter to give the flour that snow sparkle affect otherwise the texture seemed abut right.

Have you used any thing different to make up snow ???? I would be interested to know.

regards Mike McA

Re: Re: Mike's 1812 Retreat

Woodland Scenics makes "snow" for model railways.
David Moore