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Re: Re: Set 084 Future Napoleonics

Hi Bill,

You should be able to access this set by using your computers mouse's pointer to "click" on the following sequence ...

"Future Releases"
"Strelets*R" (not Strelets*Mini Futures !!! )
"Napoleonic Wars"
"084" Set

Bingo !!! You should be able to see a very fuzzy set of futures that we are all guessing on ... :-) And now you know as little as the rest of us !!!

Happy Guessing & Happy Collecting Bill!

Re: Re: Re: Set 084 Future Napoleonics

The problem must be that I am starting from the wrong page, or my computer must have the wrong settings. When I go to I can't find a spot for Future Releases. I can find a nonfunctioning button for Products and functioning buttons for Contributions, Guest Book, Guest Map, Forum and Contact Us, as well as a scroll feature at the top which mentions recent contributions. Clearly I am missing something here (perhaps between my ears).

Re: Re: Re: Re: Set 084 Future Napoleonics

Are you clicking on the wording or the little white boxes with the plus signs in them? Click on those little white boxes!

Paul K.

To Bill: Here is the answer to Re: Set 084 Future Napoleonics

Dear Bill,

Now I understand your situation !!! Read carefully ...

The top Link "Products" has a small box with a "+" inside of it on the left of the word. Click on this "+". It will now have 3 drop-down titles "Current....", "Future...", and "Campaign". All 3 of these also have the little box with a "+".

Click on all 3 of these "+" also and they too will have more drop-down menus. Now you should see the "Strelets*R" and "Strelets-Mini" links, and much, much more !!!

Do this to all of the words/titles with a small box with a "+" so they open up and all have a "-". Leave all of the menus like this. Do not change back.

It isn't you. I went through this process at the time when Strelets*R updated their home page.

Let me know if this works. Now you should be able to enjoy the full Home Page. The site is quite nice. Cheers!

Big Thanks To All

I didn't realize that the little plus sign was the key. I got what you all were saying. Thanks for all the help.