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Russian Infantry of Peter

Boy, just looking at those on PSR. If those don't look like French and Indian war French I'll eat my scalp.

Re: Russian Infantry of Peter

They do look nice

Re: Russian Infantry of Peter

Nope. They don't. They are Russian. I can't see a Frenchman in any of them. Hair not tied back, French did not wear the neck kerchief in that manner, French wore long gaiters/leggings.
What's it gonna take to get some French infantry ?
(probably the same as getting Colonial Highlanders )

Re: Re: Russian Infantry of Peter

Well, until the real thing comes along, you make do.

Re: Re: Re: Russian Infantry of Peter

well, eat your scalp :), or join some british allied natives, then you can eat one of the french :)
But these are better material then the swedish I think, but you have to do some conversions. (and btw, there aint british figs around to :( ) Strelets shoudl make two mini sets, french and britsh regulars. then the normal formula for one set of French militia/compagnies de la marine in campaign dress, one for indians, and one for british light/scottish infantry, and one for rogers rangers/american militia. (yes indeed, I like dreaming :) )



Re: Re: Re: Re: Russian Infantry of Peter

You are right Christiaan! We neede French and Indian
War figures. British grenadiers and Highlanders, rangers, French troops and militia and Indians.
Imex promised rangers and Indians several years age,
but still haven't delivered