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Re: To S*R Team Re: Future Roman Mini/Full Sets ???

Roman opponents are more necessary.

There aren´t good German, Jew or Persians, nor Mithridatians, late Hellenistic Eastern Seleucians or Sarmatians.

I don´t like to use those excellent Romans only for Civil War.

Re: To S*R Team Re: Future Roman Mini/Full Sets ???

Dear Dave,

the Romans series will be expanded with, at least, 2 mini sets. The idea is to have all stages of a battle represented: marching soldiers, then idle soldiers awaiting the action in the rear, assembled in formation, then a formation going into battle but before the action and, finally, action itself. A logical completion for this series will be a full-format camp or an outpost set. We wanted to start the series initially with a testudo set but it was delayed because we were trying to find the sources showing how it was built, especially how soldiers kept the shields. It took sime time and then we cancelled this set when we learned that another company was going to make it. We haven't considered archers yet but that may be a possibility.

Best regards,


Re: Re: To S*R Team Re: Future Roman Mini/Full Sets ???

Dear Strelets,

I'm looking forward to the future Roman Series sets. I am especially in favor of an "Outpost Set" !!! to go with the Zvezda Fortress.

I really like your Norman Archers set, especially the pose with the ring-hand for holding bow horizontally. All of the artwork and poses are great. Hope to see the same artwork show up as Roman Archers in the future. :-)

BTW - I had found an interesting Roman Testudo picture whereby the first group of Romans acted as a platform, and the second group climbed on top of them, and then fought their way through a breach in the wall. Unfortunately, I never bookmarked or saved it. I'll keep trying to find it anyway. Very interesting tactic!

Thank you for the super reply!