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Re: Re: Re: First series of mini-sets - which set is your favorite?

I'm not an expert by any menas and could be totally wrong, but I guess for the most part you could use them for battles between 880 and around 1200. The most famous battle being Hastings, but there were Normans fighting against the Arabs in Southern Italy, against and also for the Byzantine empire in the middle East. They participated in the crusades and also fought at the side of their Armenian allies against Turks and Persians.

Re: Re: Re: Re: First series of mini-sets - which set is your favorite?

I own both the Saxons and the Norman archers, and they are both great. But I fancy the Norman archers the most, beautiful figures, a joy to paint. I Will post some pics of them soon.



Andrew: It's the very same metallic black - no difference.


Re: Thanks

Good question Jan,

I've given this considerable thought and really, I can't pick one Mini theme as being better than the others, so ... I like them all equally.

I hope the S*R Team continues Minis with many other new eras as well. I think these sets will do much for the growth of the hobby as hobbiests and Roman enthusiasts discover these excellently designed and quality figurines on the shop shelves.

Happy Collecting!