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Re: Re: Re: a sled ................MUSH

You could make an impression of the peaces in plasticine or wax or something like that and casst the peaces in resin. I have a friend who made great jerry cans this way.

Re: Re: Re: Re: a sled ................MUSH

Is there a page where I can find the process for that?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: a sled ................MUSH

Dear Dlambia,

If you have a diorama, or wargame, or another use, you should consider using them. I have a bunch of these sleds in my boxes.

When there are more nice Russian Revolution/Russo-Japanese War/Russo-Chinese ... etc figures out from Orion (he does make nice figures) you could easily take an extra Airfix Wagon horse set, cut off the horses with the pole, then use a pin-vise (hand-twist drill) to drill a hole in the front of the sled, and just push it in (keep hole tight) and presto !!! Instant usable sled.

I'm using some Mao Chinese Revolution rickshaws (have 2) for my Orion Boxer Rebellion set. I even made a nice German with a Pickelhaub helmet to sit in it (more make-believe than anything) representing the unfortunate bloke who the Boxers killed thereby setting off the real seige.

I hope you use them, Dlambia. For me, the pleasure you can get from doing something fun with this stuff will give you far greater returns in pleasure than any amount of money!

Have fun!

Re: a sled ................

Play and have some fun!

Re: Re: a sled ................and casting

There's quite a bit about home casting on the Soldatini site - follow link on previous (Etruscan)thread..